Portrait von Miles Griffith

Miles Griffith

* 04.06.1971 † 14.04.2023

Verabschiedung: 20.04.2023

Uhrzeit: 14:00 Uhr

Ort: St. Johann in Tirol


Aufbahrung ab Donnerstag Vormittag, in der Aufbahrungshalle vom Friedhof Almdorf in St. Johann in Tirol. Die Verabschiedungsfeier
findet am Donnerstag um 14:00 Uhr in der Friedhofskapelle Almdorf statt, um 13:30 Uhr beten wir gemeinsam für Miles
den Seelenrosenkranz.

There will be an opportunity to say goodbye in person from Thursday morning onwards in the funeral parlour of the Almdorf cemetery
in St. Johann in Tirol. The farewell service will take place on Thursday at 2 p.m. in the Almdorf cemetery chapel. At 1.30 p.m. we will pray together the rosary for Miles.

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    Miles Griffith


    † 14.04.2023

    Dan Penney:

    My deepest condolences to Carina, and the lovely Griffith family.  Miles and I were very close as teens and in our early twenties: I feel like he's almost imprinted on my DNA, via memories, the songs I play, films I've loved ('Dead Poets Society'!), when I watch sport (I always think of him when watching rugby), in turns of phrase.  Miles will live on in the memories of both those who were close to him recently and those who knew him so well in older years.  Best wishes to all at this very hard time.

    - Dan

    Geschrieben am 23.04.2023 um 22:03


    Dear Miles
    I will never be able to find the words to describe our friendship, so I'm sorry I can't do it justice. Thank you for letting me continually discuss work with you which inspired incredible solutions to problems only you would understand. Your distinctive walk, your infectious smile, the shouts of "Hi Miles" that greeted you on entering a bar. Falling asleep in bars and the "back door boogey", designated last beer and so many nights finishing with more than "one for the road". You leave a huge Miles shaped hole. RIP Sir

    Dear Carina, Hugh. Jess, Kerri, Alex, Dylan & Thomas.  
    The loss I feel can never compare to your loss. He loved his family so much, but will leave an enormous whole in many lives. My very deepest condolences to you all. 

    Geschrieben am 23.04.2023 um 10:09

    Paul B:

    Dear Miles,

    I hope you are lighting up the heavens with your kindness and you are keeping everyone as happy up there as you did with us. We will miss you dearly, but our happy memories will long live on. 

    “One more for the road!”.

    My deepest condolences to Carina, to you family and to your friends. 

    God bless you Miles and may you rest in peace.


    Geschrieben am 22.04.2023 um 16:18

    Vincent & Rita Eivers (Ireland):

    Dear Carina, Parents & family of Miles. We are so sorry & very sad for your loss of Miles. We enjoyed meeting you Carina with Miles on our visits to St Johann. His great smile & welcome we will always remember. May he rest in peace. Take care Carina.

    Geschrieben am 20.04.2023 um 23:21


    Liebe Trauernde - für Euch, Trost aus der Bibel!
    Nur wie ein Hauch ein Menschenleben ist. Wie schnell ist es vergangen! Was wir geliebt, wird schmerzlich dann vermisst. Wenn ein Mensch entschläft, kehrt er je zurück? Was wird mit den Toten sein? Gott verspricht, er wird sie rufen. Sie sind ihm ja gut bekannt. Ihr Gott von Herzen sehnt sich nach den Werken seiner Hand (Hiob 14:13-15). Sei gewiss, sie werden aufstehn (Johannes 5:28; Apostelgeschichte 24:15). Glaube fest, verzweifle nie! Denn Gott schenkt ew’ges Leben, gab sein Wort als Garantie (Römer 6:23; Titus 1:1,2).

    Geschrieben am 20.04.2023 um 09:31


    Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day! Unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed and always near!

    Dear Carina and all of Miles family, my sincere condolences and lots of love & strength during this difficult time.

    Dear Miles, wishing you a great last journey. Thanks a million for your friendship and all the amazing & fun times, which were had. I always looked forward to and enjoyed catching up with you and Carina, either in St. Jo or in London!

    You will be missed big time! Home visits won't be the same anymore. I'll make sure to visit the Friday market this week and have a cheeky something in your honour! 

    Geschrieben am 19.04.2023 um 20:46

    Val and the rest of the TUI Crystal family:

    So sad to lose an incredible work mate, a wonderful friend and a person that touched so many lives always making them a bit brighter.

    What a special journey and honour it has been to work with him over the last 14 years

    Anyone that came to visit the St Johann office over the years would be made to feel so so welcome. It didn’t matter who they were or how long they stayed, he made sure they went away with a special memory of the place and the team. If it was Tuesday, they would be encouraged to join him at the ski show maybe followed by a dance on the window sill of Max’s pub. A Wednesday evening might include karaoke and possibly the schnapps challenge.

    We have had so many people who have worked with us in the finance team in winter and so many come back each year because of Miles. He gave so much to everyone. The recurrent theme is that Miles was the by far the best manager they have ever had: he combined humility, calmness and a never ending thirst to empower and teach.

    Whenever anyone asked him to do anything, he was there poised to take notes. He always wanted to say yes, to succeed and to improve. His nurturing tentacles are in everything that we do, and in everything that Ski does. Even when he was coming to terms with the critical nature of his own illness, he was writing lists for work priorities.

    If ever we were unsure, he told us we could!

    If we had crazy ideas, he told us they made perfect sense!

    If we needed him, he was always there!

    We will miss him so very much.

    Geschrieben am 19.04.2023 um 15:32

    Tom Dickie:

    My deepest condolences to you Carina, Jess, Hugh, Kerri, Alex, Thomas and Dylan. Over years Miles spoke so fondly of you all. He was a man who truly loved his upbringing and loved you all very much. He spoke with such delight whenever his family came into conversation. Many people say they have no regrets in life, but when Miles said it, I really believed him. What a varied and wonderful life he lived, and he truly found the love of his life in you Carina. I'm sending you all strength at this difficult time and want to apologise for not being able to be there for Miles’ funeral.

    Miles, Hello Sir - It's taken me until now to even be able to put my feelings into words. I'm devastated.  What a friend you were to me. Intelligent, funny, kind and mischievous. I’m really going to miss our conversations and the times we shared together. Throughout the pandemic when it was mainly just us in the office we really bonded - I will carry your friendship with me. Especially when watching cricket and rugby in the future it’s going to be strange not being able to talk to you about it. But each time I do, I will remember your love for the sports (especially test cricket) and our friendship so fondly. 

    You always had time for people and constantly went out of your way to help others. You really knew how to enjoy the moment and were unapologetically yourself- these were qualities that I admired so much. 

    Moving away from Austria made me miss our friendship a massive amount and not being able to nip down to Michi’s for an after work refreshment with you has been hard. When I did leave and we said our goodbye’s, you said this isn’t goodbye, and with a big hug you said, ‘just look after yourself until the next time we see each other’.

    So Miles, I love you mate – look after yourself until the next time we see each other.

    Geschrieben am 19.04.2023 um 11:24

    Aaron Moulton:

    Dear Miles,

    I hope that somebody up there has been as welcoming, warm and friendly as you were to me, when I found myself alone and in a foreign country for the first time. You were a one-of-a-kind manager, which came second to how you were as a true friend. I will keep you and all of our “happy days” shared in my heart forever.

    I am sending love and condolences to Carina and your family.

    Your friend, Aaron

    Geschrieben am 19.04.2023 um 09:39

    Hayley Coachafer:

    Miles my dear friend, it has been an absolute pleasure to have known you over the years. Your never ending smile, humour and positivity will be sorely missed and hard to replace.

    Sending my deepest condolences to Carina, Mile’s family and friends during this sad time. 

    Lots of love xx


    Geschrieben am 19.04.2023 um 07:37

    The Fairman Family:

    Dear Carina,Hugh,Jess, Kerri, Alex,Thomas and Dylan

    We were so dreadfully sorry to hear of Mile's death. When we moved to the road he was based at home and the font of all knowledge and fun. He knew the right contractor to fix a problem and organised his legendary fireworks parties that our kids still rave about, to name but a few of the responsibilities he took on.

    After he moved to Austria and found such happiness with Carina, he always found the time to say hi and chat on his frequent visits back to the UK.

    He was a very lovely man and will be sorely missed by all that knew him.

    We send our deepest sympathies and love to you all.

    Clodagh,Mike,Connor and Alicia


    Geschrieben am 18.04.2023 um 15:12


    It's too soon to say goodbye.

    Sending my deepest sympathies to Carina and the family and friends of Miles.

    I will remember or time together as colleagues with a smile.

    Lots of love,


    Geschrieben am 18.04.2023 um 08:23

    Kathy & Jasmin Clare & Andi Hinterholzer:

    Dear Carina, dear Family,  I would  like to extend our condolences and deepest sympathies to you all. Miles is certainly part of many people’a happy memories here in St Johann.  Wishing you much strength and comfort from your own memories of Miles.  

    Geschrieben am 17.04.2023 um 08:19

    Julia R.:

    „Das einzig wichtige im Leben sind die Spuren der Liebe, die wir hinterlassen, wenn wir gehen.“

    Ohne deine Begegnung wäre ich heute nicht da, wo ich bin. Du warst ein großer Mentor und ein einzigartiger Freund. Danke für jeden Moment. 

    Liebe Carina 🤍 I denk fest an di!

    Geschrieben am 17.04.2023 um 08:04

    Fam Muzzopappa:

    A silent Tear

    Just close your eyes and you will see

    All the memories that you have of me

    Just sit and relax and you will find

    I'm really still there inside you mind.


    Don't cry for me now I'm gone

    For i am in the land of song.

    There is no pain, there is no fear

    So dry away that silent tear


    Don't think of me in the dark and cold

    For here i am, no longer old

    I'm in that place that's filled with love

    Known to you all, as “ UP ABOVE ”

    Dear Carina, dear family, our heartiest condolences on the death of your Miles.

    Dear Miles, we wish you a good last journey and take good care of your Carina and family.

    A final greeting Birgit and Antonio from La Rustica



    Geschrieben am 16.04.2023 um 19:17

    Michi Grander:

    I will never forget the good times in Michi‘s Bar together. I will keep you in my mind for sure. RIP in my friend.

    Geschrieben am 16.04.2023 um 18:15


    May you fly with the Angels Miles, it's been a pleasure to have known you and share some good memories! You will not be forgotten - rest in peace! 

    Dear Carina, dearest Family! My deepest condolences on the passing of your wonderful husband, son, brother and uncle. May you find all the strength and peace to let him find his new happy place! 

    Geschrieben am 16.04.2023 um 17:44